The 2nd runway proposal

2nd Runway: How big will Gatwick be?

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Simply put – With a second runway Gatwick aims to grow from C35million passengers today to 95million, that’s bigger than Heathrow.

To put this in context: Heathrow handled 72 million passengers in 2013, JFK approx 50 million and Newark 34 million. At the proposed size, Gatwick would be bigger than JFK and Newark combined!!

Who will profit and who will lose? – here are some facts


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And what will the effect be on our rural economy?


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How many houses will need to be built to sustain the volume of workers for a 2nd runway?

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What happens next?

As far as the 2nd Runway goes:

January – June 2014:  The Commission will work with each of the airport promoters to develop their plans into a draft proposal, including a draft impact assessment. This has been done and the public ‘consultation’ completed with and overwhelming rejection by local communities to the idea of ANY of a 2nd runway at Gatwick

Summer 2014:  Draft proposals and impact assessments for each potential site will be published for public and expert scrutiny… an opportunity for us all to question the detail… we hope

2015:  Final proposals submitted to Airports Commission, who publishes a final report on where the new runway, or runways, should be and, as there is a General Election in 2015, the new Government will decide whether to proceed…

Question: Will you vote for a party that supports a 2nd runway?

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