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Welcome to Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions – East


CAGNE East was set up by concerned residents of Bidborough in Kent, to provide campaign support to a growing network of residents, communities, campaign groups, Parish Councils and NGOs who are all concerned about Gatwick expansion. The original CAGNE was set up by residents directly West of Gatwick in protest to the new departure route trials. CAGNE East is the sister group for all residents and local communities East of Gatwick Airport – simple. We oppose the 2nd runway, noisy night flights and concentrated flightpaths which unchallenged, pose a grave threat to our way of life and our regional economy. 

Email: cagne.east@gmail.com



  • Using PBN to achieve maximum dispersal of flight approach paths without using merge points.
  • Using PBN to achieve the greatest possible safe height with smooth Continual Descent Approach at all times
  • Noise and noise shadow rather than Co2 to be the primary consideration down from 6,000 feet in the design of all arrival routes
  • No night flights


  • Using PBN to achieve the maximum dispersal of flight departure paths (restricted to areas previously overflown) within Noise Preferential Routes
  • Using PBN to achieve the greatest possible safe height with smooth Continual Ascent Departure at all times
  • Noise and noise shadow rather than Co2 to be the primary consideration up to 6,000 feet in the design of all departure routes
  • No night flights

The Airbus (single aisle aircraft series) design fault


The A320 series of aircraft have a design fault in their wing fuel filler caps which cause a debilitating whine.  A straightforward fix exists via the fitting of a ‘vortex generator’


Ensure the retrofitting of vortex generators to correct this fault on aircraft used by easyJet and other operators at the soonest opportunity, by all means possible


CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions)

CAGNE-East (Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions East)

ESCCAN (East Sussex Communities for Control of Air Noise)

GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign)

GON (Gatwick Obviously Not.org)

HWCAAG  (High Weald Council Aviation Action Group)

LGVS (Langton Green Village Society)

PAGNE (Pulborough Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions)

Plane Wrong

SPAG (Speldhurst Parish Action Group)



We  hold village meetings and are fully supportive of  gatwickobviouslynot.org.  We share information and coordinate with our colleges in Penshurt, Tunbridge Wells, Langton Green, Speldhurst and campaign groups from Crowborough to Petworth 




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Who is this blog for? Its a factually based resource for all campaign groups and individuals in Kent, Sussex and Surrey who are concerned about Gatwick Expansion. Wherever possible when providing a fact we’ll also provide the source. It is a very complex and emotive subject so we aim to give you the tools to make up your own mind on the issues that are of growing concern to many local communities.

See our FAQ post to find out some of the questions people ask us.


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